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Beasy McMillan - Proprietor

It is rumored that just looking at Beasy makes you hungry. If you count in the years that he was cooking for his buddies at the University of Texas in the late 60‘s, Beasy McMillan has over four decades of culinary savvy. He also claims a spectacular reputation for having turning some uncommonly good food ideas into Ashland, Oregon’s most delicious restaurants.

With a particular yearning to give Ashland it’s first open-air dining establishment, Beasy opened Change of Heart in the summer of 1981. For the next thirty years, he served up Beasy’s Backroom Steakhouse, the Back Porch B.B.Q., Thai Pepper, Senior Gatos, Macaroni’s, Kat Wok, The Hong Kong Bar, Beasy’s on the Creek and of course, Cucina Biazzi (1991).

Friends and family describe Beasy as a culinary wiz who can taste something once and then remake it, but much better and with his unique flare. With a personality as exuberant and a tad more spicy than his barbecue sauce, Beasy is also passionate about giving generously to the community. He is notorious for treating his hardworking staff with great respect and each hungry customer as though they are family and serving them excellent food made with love and laughter is Beasy’s highest priority

Chandra Corwin - Chef


Rebekah Davis - Floor Boss

Rebekah Davis laughingly declares that her favorite part of being the Cucina Floor Boss is she doesn’t have to cook! For 16 years, she has been making great cocktails and pouring beautiful wine for Cucina patrons and especially enjoys welcoming folk to the restaurant as though they are guests in her very own home - but she has the pride and pleasure of serving Chef Chandra’s delicious food. Rebekah’s favorite guest experiences are serving big family dinners where everyone is together eating, drinking and sharing love, which she believes is what Cucina Biazzi is all about.